‘Dry Stone Sphere’ Sculptures hand made from natural stone demonstrating fine artisanal stone craft.
«Held together by gravity. Well, all told these are held together by Gravity, friction, willpower, and love» David Devine, artist

Chozas are dry-stone outbuildings scattered throughout the mountain regions. Originally constructed by farmers for shelter, many are centuries old, and now in a state of ruin. Our first Site-Specific work aims to create a new work and breathe new life into a Choza and fill its chamber with belongings and artifacts of importance, donated by the people of Montejaque, creating a visual and accessible Time Capsule.

Created and curated by the Artist in Residence, this endeavour transcends mere reconstruction; it’s an artwork not solely for the villagers but created with their participation; a sculpture celebrating diversity, inclusivity and identity, while also rejuvenating a choza’s architectural stature, preserving its environmental and Cultural importance.

A Visible Time Capsule

The Choza time capsule will be a visible symbol to encourage people to contemplate the passage of time, connect with history, their culture and traditions. Typically, we bury time capsules, but this sculpture will offer accessibility, allowing a glimpse inside. Every family eager to join in will add personal items that hold meaning to them and rich with significance. These belongings will intricately weave together a tapestry representing each participant, regardless of their gender, age, capabilities, orientation, or faith. The Choza project will narrate the story of diverse generational ways of life, technological advancements, evolving cultures, and cherished memories and bring them into focus in contemporary artwork.

Intangible and Tangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

«In 2018, UNESCO inscribed the “Knowledge and techniques of the art of building dry stone walls” in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In June 2004, the Second National Congress of Rural Architecture in Piedra Seca was held in Pegalajar, Jaén. Since then, numerous groups of researchers have made efforts throughout the national geography to catalog this immense architectural legacy that has a special relevance in the countries around the Mediterranean. City councils, Provincial Councils and different cultural associations organize courses so that the stone work is not lost.» Writer: Antonio Castillo López. May 2021
Our foundation together with the Montejaque City Council consider this project as an honour to this craft, our history and the importance of Contemporary Community Art for our society.
Publications of interest:
«Dry Stone Construction» Department of Environment, Junta de Andalucía
«Stone Walls | Living in Huts» Author: Beatriz Díaz, Bilbao 2018

Importance of Community Art

Community empowerment. Social cohesion. Enjoyment. Decreased isolation. Strengthened sense of shared identity. Collective imagination. Group relations. Belonging and Pride. Increased awareness of Contemporary Art

Community art holds a pivotal role in fostering connection, expression, and unity within neighborhoods and societies. It serves as a powerful vehicle for dialogue, allowing diverse voices to be heard and shared through a collective creative process.
Through collaborative projects with artist, community art beautifies spaces, reflects local identities, and addresses social issues. It creates a sense of belonging and pride, empowering individuals to contribute to the cultural fabric of their communities. By engaging people of all ages and backgrounds, community art nurtures empathy, understanding, and a shared sense of purpose, enriching the social tapestry and inspiring positive change.

Importance for Individuals

Development of artistic skills. Active participation. Personal growth. A sense of belonging. Commitment. Enjoyment. Increased emotional and creative capacity. Strengthened individual identity. Increased self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing

Community art offers individuals an avenue for self-expression, connection, and personal growth. Engaging in collaborative artistic endeavours fosters a sense of belonging and strengthens social bonds, nurturing a supportive environment that encourages creativity. Through participation in community art projects, individuals often experience enhanced self-esteem, a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives, and the satisfaction of contributing to a shared purpose. This involvement can spark a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, promoting mental well-being and offering a platform for individual voices to be heard and appreciated.

Artwork Guidelines for Artists

The applicants will be asked to describe how you they will approach each of the following elements. 
Each section will not exceed 200 words.
The Concept

Give a description of your concept in relation to the call.

Structure and Dimensions

You are free to design the choza in any shape or form built on a stone ruin base of 3 metres in diameter.

Time Capsule Chamber

Think about light, materials, colour, atmosphere etc.

Artifacts and Display

What is the criteria for artifacts to be included? How will they be presented?

Interactive Technology

How might you incorporate new technology to enable participation, on-site and remote access, broadening audience experience?

Technical requirements

Give an overview of the expected support required.


How will you incorporate features that allow access to people of all ages and abilities, making it inclusive? Think about wheelchair access for example.

Civil Participation and Togetherness

Include any events which embrace the community, for example: presentations, open studios, artist talks, studio visits and visits to the site.

Production Timeline

Give an overview of the expected stages of production and what they will include. This is a flexible guide which can be adjusted with the process and development of the work.


List the materials required and give and estimated cost.

Dissemination and Documentation

How will the process, development and the completed artwork be communicated , disseminated and documented?

Artist in residence Project is Under Development

Please link to the pdf. file of the sample Open Call brochure. Feel free to download and use as you require.