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The PBMF AiR Artist in Residence Program will award time and space for a contemporary artist to develop a digital sound work using new technologies during the international Pueblos Blancos Music Festival 2023.

Open Call

In March we will launch the open call and submissions will be evaluated by a jury of art and music professionals. The artwork, process and events organized during the residency will contribute to the development of art practice in a global context, involvement and inclusion of the regional community and protection of the cultural & ethnographic heritage of the city of Ronda and villages of Montejaque, Grazalema and Villalengua del Rosario in this protected area of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, the first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Spain.


Musical Experience Design

Concerts and music festivals are much more than just the music they feature. Technology brings new ways of enabling participation, on-site and remote. This enables the broadening and deepening of audience experience and opens a dialogue with the public and the environment. It contributes to the knowledge and understanding of new contemporary art forms and concepts and encourages communication and collaboration between sectors.

New Technologies

New technologies radically challenge the traditional position of the listener and its infrastructure but also, the composers and musicians and the technologies they employ. First, concert halls, opera houses, theaters and other performance spaces are architectural landmarks in many towns and cities. They offer spaces where communities meet and share meaningful experiences. Therefore, in this use case artists in collaboration with technologists, scientists, architects and designers will explore new ways of designing musical and dance performances as well as interactive, performative spaces and environments, both physical and XR-enhanced by using audience interactivity as a medium for generating sonic material.

Terms and


Image: Phil Plata, Pueblos Blancos Music Festival, Montejaque, July 2022